We strive to provide excellent customer service and the highest quality repairs possible.



  • All repairs must have the minimum bench/estimate fee paid at the time of drop off.  (see Rates page for details)
  • If you decline to collect the equipment within two (2) weeks of the completion of service or decline the service you will be billed a $2 per day storage fee for up to two (2) months.  At the end of two (2) months it will be considered abandoned and within the shop’s legal rights to dispose of/recoup loss of services provided.  Desert Amplifier Repair will make three (3) attempts to contact.  Once at the completion/decline of service.  A second time at the end of the two (2) week grace period, and a third and final time 24-48 hours prior to the disposal/liquidation.
  • Repairs not claimed within sixty (60) days of the completion date of the repair will be sold at the owner’s expense to cover the cost of the repair and accrued storage fees.
  • Outstanding invoices will be sent to collections.
  • Repairs with parts totaling in excess of $149.99 will require the parts be paid in full as well as any shipping charges prior to the repair, leaving the balance of labor at time of collection.
  • As the cost of repair can often exceed the cost of replacement, equipment can become trash. Most electronics need to be disposed of safely as e-waste. Equipment abandoned by choice will need to be surrendered in writing with your name, date, make, model, and serial number (this can be found on your estimate), requesting it be disposed of by Desert Amplifier Repair as seen fit.  This option does not negate the obligation to pay the estimate/minimum bench fee.



  • Every service includes Desert Amplifiers Repair’s 30 day warranty from the completion of the repair guaranteeing all labor (“Workmanship”) of installations and modifications to be free of defects. Warranty is void if amplifier is tampered with. Desert Amplifier Repair is not liable for manufacturer defects, misuse, or damages caused in travel. ALWAYS follow the manufacturers safety warnings! All sales are final, no exceptions. Many components necessary for the repair of vintage equipment are custom ordered or out of production and purchased from private sellers, for this reason it’s not possible to accept returns. We go above and beyond to do our best to test and grade NOS components prior to installation to prevent failures.  NOS Components will only be used with owners consent.  All other repairs are done with NEW production components.
  • Some new production tube manufacturers offer a warranty on an individual basis and the warranty is subject to the manufacturer’s guidelines and policies.
  • As an authorized service center, we honor the manufacturer’s warranty on warranty service repairs, or DAR’s printed warranty, whichever is longer.




  • Please insure the package with your shipping provider for full replacement value.
  • Safely package the item(s) assuming the worst will happen. Typically this means double box.
  • Require signature of receipt, and once shipped, forward the tracking number so we can track the package on our end.
  • If it’s a warranty repair, include a clear copy of the receipt/proof of purchase.
  • Write the Return Authorization Number on the outside of the package: Packages without an RA # will not be accepted.
  • For ALL non-warranty repair service customer must include a check payable to Armentrout Amplifier Corp. for the minimum bench fee.
  • Please use the contact form to initiate any repair requests. You will be assigned an RA number and given the shipping address and any additional instructions.


  • Desert Amplifier Repair’s shipping policy: It’s the customers responsibility to pay the shipping charges.
  • Please be advised our policy is to insure the package for full replacement value, with signature required. If you, the customer, would like to insure the item for a lower declared value you must submit your request in writing and assume all risks and liabilities. We will not falsify documentation for customs, duty fees, or tax reasons.
  • Your incoming box and packing material will be reused to return the item. If for any reason the packing material is deemed unfit by the shipping carrier or Desert Amplifier Repair, it will be at the customer’s expense to have the item professionally packaged for safe transit.
  • All Items are final taped/sealed at the shipping counter or in front of the pick up carrier after being inspected for safe transit by a shipping carrier employee. The only exception to this is small, non-breakable items and flat rate shipping boxes (example: effects pedals, pickups, and properly packaged tubes).
  • We are happy to use the customer’s shipping account if preffered, please let us know when contacting.
  • We do everything possible to get your item back to you safely, however sometimes things out of our control do happen which is why we insist on full replacement value insurance. In the event your item is damaged in shipping, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the package and keep all of the original packing material. Email Pictures of the packaging and the damaged item, clearly showing the damage, in addition to a detailed account of all issues so we can assist in processing the claim. Keep all packaging together and do not attempt to use the item. While the item is not our property, as the sender the claim will have to be processed through us, so we need your assistance to make the process as smooth as possible. We will keep you advised of the progress of the claim and any additional requests from the shipping provider. Once the claim is completed, any reimbursement will be sent out by check via certified mail.
  • NOTICE —  Any refusal, decline, or lack of assistance in filing the claim will be understood that you are happy with the item and will result in termination of the claim — you will be on your own with your item as is. No further assistance from DAR in filing the claim will be given.
  • Desert Amplifier Repair is not liable for damages caused in shipping, you are still responsible for full payment of any repairs provided.




In some instances it’s not possible to bring the item into the shop, so DAR must come to you. This is the outline of policies and pricing for this service.  Components/Parts are in addition to the labor costs printed below.

  • Service calls are billed at $90/hour with a minimum of 4 hours. If the job takes 1 minute, it will still be billed at 4 hours). The 4 hour minimum fee will be due at time of booking. 50% of the minimum booking fee will be refunded in the event that cancellation is made in writing within 48 hours prior to the scheduled service time. Less then 48 hours notice is non-refundable.
  • After 8 hours total (same day or multiple days), the additional hours are then billed at $120/hour.
  • For instances where travel exceeding 30 miles from the shop is required, the customer will be billed for travel expenses and travel time. Travel time is in addition to the minimum 4 hours and billed separately. Any incurred travel expenses will be included in the estimate/invoice.
  • One-way travel exceeding 4 hours of travel time or 245 miles, whichever is first, will require safe, clean, hotel accommodations and a $35/day cash food allowance at the customer’s expense. Accommodations must be agreed upon by both DAR and the client and must be booked prior to service date.
  • Parking: Any fees associated with parking will be added to the final invoice.
  • Please contact us with any specific questions regarding service calls.



WARNING: Certain materials in the workshop can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

In choosing to use Desert Amplifier Repair as a service provider, you agree to and understand all terms written and expressed above.