Minimum Bench Charges:

Amplifiers – $60 / Effects Pedals – $30 / Keyboards – $100

Repair diagnosis exam: $60 Includes visual exam, basic circuit test, troubleshooting, and standard tube testing of tubes populated in amplifier as well as estimate for repair. If repairs are completed by DAR, the $60 exam fee will be put toward the first hour of repair (free estimate).

Repairs are billed at the rate of $60/hr plus parts: After the first hour, additional time is billed at $15 per 15 minute increment.

Warranty repairs: Not billed to the customer. Please note that each manufacturer has requirements that must be met to in order to qualify for a warranty repair. We are happy to help determine if your equipment qualifies. Original receipt required when starting the repair. Please contact us directly if you have questions regarding warranty repairs.

Other: Input jacks and potentiometer replacements vary on the type of amplifier and the labor time necessary to complete the service. This type of repair is not subject to the minimum bench charge. Please contact us discuss your specific needs.

Bias Adjustment: $25-$100 Depending on amplifier make/model, bias type, bias location and number of power tubes. Please contact us with specific questions regarding bias adjustment.

Tube Testing:

Standard tube testing: $3 per tube (volume discount: 20 Tubes for $50) Testing is done on the Amplitrex AT1000 in standalone, fixed bias mode. Includes a printout or .pdf file of test results. Test results include data for the following tests: emissions, GM/transconductance, gas and heater to cathode leakage.

Advanced tube testing: $5 Per Tube Testing is done on the Amplitrex AT1000 in computer mode, fixed bias mode. Includes a printout or .pdf file of results for each tube. Results are displayed in Mu with the test parameters and the test results, in addition to the standard tube test result. This test includes additional documented heater voltages and times.

Curve trace testing: $1 in addition to advanced tube test Includes a printout of up to 7 color traces.

Microphonics testing: $2 in addition to advanced tube test


Basic setup: $60 Includes adjustment of truss rod, intonation, hardware tightening, fingerboard cleaning and conditioning, light guitar cleaning, and restring. Basic setup includes a new set of Lay’s S.I.T. Strings Power Wound or Pure Nickel strings in nines or tens. DAR charges a $25 surcharge for 12-string, floating tremolo bars, and heavy clay bar/wax polishing. Surcharges for other instruments can be determined during the evaluation. Please note: 12-string guitars or bass guitars do not include strings in the basic setup price. SIT strings can be provided at a 10% discount during time of setup. Feel free to contact us regarding your specific setup needs.

Basic restring: $30 Includes a set of Lay’s S.I.T. Strings Power Wound or Pure Nickel strings in nines or tens. $10 Surcharge for locking tremolo guitars.

Component install/wiring modifications: $60/hr plus parts, $30 minimum Electronic components such as pots, switches, jacks, etc. Parts are not included in the price of installation.

Electronic pickup installation: $50 per pickup Includes removal of old pickup as well as installation of new pickup and rewiring of the preexisting connections. $75 for multiple pickups in a single instrument, up to three pickups. Please note there is an extra surcharge for some Les Paul style guitars as well as semi-hollow and hollow body guitars.

Acoustic pickup installation: $75 per pickup Includes removal of old pickup as well as installation of new pickup and rewiring of the preexisting connections. Saddle-mounted Piezo pickups are billed by the hour at the rate of $60/hr ($30 minimum).


Every service includes a 30-day warranty from the date of completed repair on all labor, installations, and modifications. Some manufactures have their own warranty period for authorized repairs, DAR will honor whichever warranty is longer.

Warranty is void if amplifier is tampered with. Desert Amplifier Repair will not be liable for tube failure or manufacturer defects.  For your safety always follow ALL manufacturer safety warnings.

Equipment left for longer than 30 days after the completion of service will be charged a $2 per day storage fee, in addition to the cost of the repair. If a piece of equipment is left longer than 60 days after the date of completed service, it will be sold to cover the cost of the repair and accrued storage fees at the expense of the customer.

It’s impossible to quote all repairs sight unseen, but DAR is happy to discuss details regarding your specific needs. Additionally, DAR provides many services not listed on this page, so please feel free to contact us at any time for estimates or more information on the additional services we provide.

Desert Amplifier Repair proudly uses Square for payment processing and will also accept other forms of payment upon approval (and always cash!)