Providing the finest musical electronics repair for vintage valve amps to modern solid state amps and effects pedals.

Electric Guitar & Bass Insrument Setups, Wiring, and Modifications

Breathing new life back into old musical electronics

Amplitrex AT1000 precision tube testing, matching, noise, microphonics and curve tracing

Making the amplifier you love, have the tone and tricks you are searching for

Getting the most life and best tone from your power tubes

Desert Amplifier Repair is in the business of keeping amplifiers making music, not forcing our clients to spend money they don’t have. This might sound like a strange business strategy, but DAR would much rather earn a long-term repeat customer’s respect than make a quick dollar once. Since the majority of business is built on word of mouth, and DAR values it’s reputation, we guarantee everything that comes into the shop or across the bench gets 100% of our attention and has to pass our high standards before it’s considered repaired.

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