The AMPEG V4 is one of the most iconic rock amplifiers of all times.  From the Rolling Stones, to Stoner Rock.  These amplifiers have been the go to amp of choice for many musicians.  The V Series has been issues in several different models, Such as the Traditional V4 head, the VT-22 (2×12 combo), the VT-40 (4×10 combo) and the V4B (the B stands for Bass).  Based around a quad of 7027 output tubes these amplifiers deliver a blistering amount of Power, with a very unique mid range bite and creamy distortion not found from a Marshall or Fender.

Desert Amplifier Repair Specializes in Ampeg V4 Service and Restoration, with dozens of V series amplifiers having been on the bench.  A specialized Adjustable Bias Mod designed for the V4, all the specialty tools necessary to work on any year or model, including a custom test jig that allows the Amplitrex AT1000 to test the 3-sided, 11-pin 6k11/6Q11 tube.


This V4 came in with fire damage after an improperly matched quad of output tubes threw the bias.

The bias section was rebuilt and modified to an adjustable fixed bias

all Electrolytic Capacitors – Replaced with higher voltage ratings (same Capacitance Values)

Any burned or drifted/failed components were replaced with new OEM values

Tubes were tested and replaced as needed, (One 12DW7 NOS mid 70’s Phillips/JAN, and New Production JJ 7027A output tubes)

New MOD Reverb Pan, Reverb Dampening bar – modification to restore latching function and proper operation.

NOS cabinet feet

Full cleaning of potentiometer, Jacks, Sockets