Authorized Trainwreck Circuits Service Center

Desert Amplifier Repair is proud to offer authorized service for all OEM Trainwreck Circuits Amplifiers. DAR has a large inventory of tested, NOS date code correct parts, spanning both the Ken Fischer era as well as current JM builds. ┬áThese parts make it possible to keep your Wreck sounding it’s best without compromising build quality or your investment.

With the use of the Amplitrex AT1000, DAR has perfected several test sets that allow for tube testing that will pinpoint Trainwreck quality tubes.

Desert Amplifier has honed it’s craft of being able to properly service and voice Trainwreck Amplifiers, by using a unique blend of dynamic and static bias methods, finalized with a trained audio engineer’s ears. This voicing exercise was created with weeks of hands on practice and laboratory test equipment, using real Trainwreck Amplifiers. What this means to you, the owner, is that after your amplifier has been serviced, it will sound like a Wreck should and play as good or better than the day you got it. All work performed is shared openly with JM at Trainwreck Circuits. Desert Amplifier Repair’s goal is to keep these wonderful pieces of art creating art (music).

Service Offered:
  • Service / Repair.

  • Restoration / Modification.

  • Replacement Tubes / Voicing.

  • Bias Adjustment.

DISCLAIMER: Desert Amplifier Repair respects the wishes of JM and Trainwreck Circuits and will not disclose information, modifications, or assist with voicing clones. All work performed is handled professionally and not shared openly.

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